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20 Things That Ain’t None of Your Business

I found this today

Then passed it on to my girl pack

I LOVE THIS and totally agree with the guy who wrote it.  The amount of damage that I have seen idle chatter and small minded interferrance do over the years breaks my heart.

I have a fairly common conversations with people in my world (not the girl pack).  They get angry with me all the time because I don’t pry into other people’s worlds.  Things they have gotten angry about very recently because I won’t ask:

  • The last name of someone I have met – They didn’t volunteer it so I’m not going to ask.  We had a conversation not a relationship.
  • How much an aquantance gets paid – Seriously not mine nor your business.
  • What happened to end someones relationship – Even if I do know I’m not telling you.
  • The possibility that someone I know has a secret half-brother that another man is calling son – Why would I even consider asking that one?

I’m not naturally nosey.

On the odd occation I become overly curious I will tell someone that my question is very nosey and to tell me to bugger off if they don’t wish to answer it and I won’t be offended.

An example of this nosiness was very recent and still unsatisfied: Recently a house in my wee town was rammed by a car.  It reversed at speed into the lounge, drove out and then reversed back in again, 3 TIMES! IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! I have a sneaking suspision that this was not an accident. Now something has obviously gone really wrong here and I am dying to find out what but not for the reasons the rest of the town wants to know.  I’m seriously curious to find out what would cause someones brain to skip a beat and think this would be a good idea, great revenge or that they won’t find themselves in a powerful amount of trouble with the boys in blue and owing a ton of money in court fees and insurance claims.  Honestly I really am curious about that.  I would class this type of curriosity as educational.  It would help with future endeavours to know where a tipping point might be so that you could pop yourself into a time out before undertaking a mamothly stupid endeavour that could result in the long term wearing of stripey pyjamas.

I point this out as I am not perfect, nor do I try to portray myself to be.  I am, in fact, the complete opposite being as I am clumsy and suffer from ADHD so I have the attention span of a flea hoped up on cat juice and thats before you get to my abilty to swear like a streetfighter and drink like I’m the only person supporting the industry.   Not asking rude or prying questions is not a sign of disintrest or a lack of empathy on my part.  Its a sign of respect. I don’t ask questions because its just not my business and I respect your privacy.

That doesn’t mean that I’m not interested. My door is always open and there is always coffee or wine if needed to go along with the shoulder and the tissues.  Those that know me know that they can trust me becuase I ain’t telling anyone squat about other peoples business.  I sometimes even forget to tell my husband the bits that do concern him like that time I forgot to mention that the police were looking for our son. It was just as a witness after a fight at a party but it gave my husband a wee scare answering the door after loud arguements with then teenage daughter.

So some rules we could all live by

  1. If you have to start a sentence with ‘I don’t mean to be rude but . . .’ then stop talking.  You are about to be deliberately rude and that’s not ok. EVER
  2. It’s their journey you will have to ask them.  I’m not going to tell you anything about anybody elses issues, mis-adventures or challenges past, present or future.  If you want to know you can ask them yourself and they can tell you.
  3. Don’t be judgey. There are way to many people in this world that think they have the right to an opinion on what others do.  Unless they are directly impacting on you by getting stoned and playing death metal at 3.30 every Wednesday morning then you have no judgey rights.
  4. Share only the positives. Praising someones achievements and spreading the gossip of the good deeds is always ok. Where would the world be if we didn’t get holiday evny from someone elses cool adventures 🙂 my bucket list grows every time someone goes away.

What do you all think?  Do you have any rules that I should add?

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Minimal Crafty Update

I have been so slack!

For the first time in many many years I’m not crafting much. Randomly I am beginning to feel very guilty about this. I don’t think this is normal.  Hobbies should not inspire guilt if you aren’t doing them.

I have made exactly 1 knitted square for my patchwork blankie.


The Stripey Rib Square

I have started the Dr Who scarf for my husband for Christmas.


He has been practising his surprised face for Christmas as I have been knitting it while sitting beside him watching TV.

Finally I have started my Christmas makes.  These are some butterfly jars that I have made for my housekeepers and one of my daughters.


I actually love these and feel the need to make more.

I have started the fairy jars for my trainer and my daughter in law and have bought everything for dream catchers and mini cross stitches.  I’ve also pickled onions for some cheese and cracker baskets I intend to do up so I am actually on track but its weird not having enough done to write about regularly.

On the other hand I am spending a lot of time outside.  I’m taking my book over to the beach and reading in the afternoons before its time to cook dinner.  I’ve completed a 5, 6 & 11km race.  Not well.  I wasn’t last but I certainly have room for improvement.  I’m catching up with friends that I haven’t seen enough of in the past couple of years.  This weekend I am having a flying lesson in an actual plane.  I’m getting out and I’m doing things! And I’m not sitting on my butt watching TV all the time.  None of this could be bad right? 😉

Till next time

Ka Kete Ano xx








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Popsugar Reading Challenge 2018

Things have been odd in my house lately.  I’m not really crafting, not really stitching, not really knitting.  I’ve watched a grand total of 3 hours TV in the past 2 weeks.

What am I doing?  I’m reading. A lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT.

I have finished 6 books in the past 2 week.

A Handmaids Tale (Margaret Atwood) Wow

The Lottery (Shirley Jackson) Wow. Short story. Wow

Written in Red (Anne Bishop) Favourite author so yay 🙂

Asylum (Amy Cross) No.  It was terrible

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (Max Brooks) Undecided whether I liked it or not. Very different

Murder of Crows (Anne Bishop) Continuing story of the Others so yay 🙂

I’ve joined Goodreads and update my status every day.

I am constantly wondering what I am going to read next.

In short I am adicted to reading and I am loving it.

Its not the first time I have had this affliction or more of a relapse really.

I have noticed that I am a little stuck in my reading genre’s so I did a little search and found a wee reading challenge for next year from Popsugar 🙂 Now I’m reasearching and compliling my reading list for next year.  I’m going to try to mostly use books that are already in my home which is quite a few but I know that I will need to outsource some 🙂

If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know 🙂  All selected books are subject to mood swings so nothing is set in concret 😀

Oh happy sunfilled relaxing summer days 😀

2018 Popsugar Reading Challenge

1. A book made into a movie you’ve already seen The Woman in Black
2. True Crime Dirty Work
3. The next book in a series you started Some on here are series so I will see what grips me 🙂
4. A book involving a heist The Hot Rock
5. Nordic noir The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
6. A novel based on a real person Florence Foster Jenkins
7. A book set in a country that fascinates you River God
8. A book with a time of day in the title I Shall Wear Midnight
9. A book about a villain or antihero A Clockwork Orange
10. A book about death or grief The Fault in Our Stars
11. A book with a female author who uses a male pseudonym The Cuckoo’s Calling
12. A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist This is How It Always Is
13. A book that is also a stage play or musical Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
14. A book by an author of a different ethnicity than you Chinese Cinderella: The True Story of an Unwanted Daughter
15. A book about feminism Jane Eyre
16. A book about mental health Sybil: The Classic True Story of a Woman Possessed by Sixteen Personalities
17. A book you borrowed or that was given to you as a gift May end up borrowing one from the library.  My friends and family don’t really read or give books
18. A book by two authors Sleeping Beauties
19. A book about or involving a sport Riders
20. A book by a local author The Halfmen of O
21. A book with your favorite color in the title Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe
22. A book with alliteration in the title Déjà Dead
23. A book about time travel The Time Traveler’s Wife
24. A book with a weather element in the title Night of the Twisters
25. A book set at sea And the Band Played On: The Titanic Violinist & the Glovemaker: A True Story of Love, Loss & Betrayal
26. A book with an animal in the title Matthew Flinders’ Cat
27. A book set on a different planet The Gunslinger
28. A book with song lyrics in the titleYou Belong To Me
29. A book about or set on Halloween Dark Harvest
30. A book with characters who are twins The Thirteenth Tale
31. A book mentioned in another book I will pick the first book that is mentioned in any of my books 🙂
32. A book from a celebrity book club The Rules of Magic
33. A childhood classic you’ve never read Charlotte’s Web
34. A book that’s published in 2018 Anne Bishop
35. A past Goodreads Choice Awards winner Gone Girl
36. A book set in the decade you were born Go Ask Alice
37. A book you meant to read in 2017 but didn’t get to Bridget Jones’s Diary
38. A book with an ugly cover Need to look at some covers
39. A book that involves a bookstore or library Camino Island
40. Your favorite prompt from the 2015, 2016, or 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenges 2015-A book that has become a movie The Princess Bride2018 Popsugar Advanced Reading Challenge

1. A bestseller from the year you graduated high school The Silence of the Lambs
2. A cyberpunk book Cinder
3. A book that was being read by a stranger in a public place Need to see someone reading 🙂
4. A book tied to your ancestry The Irish Princess
5. A book with a fruit or vegetable in the title What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
6. An allegory Jonathan Livingston Seagull
7. A book by an author with the same first or last name as you Beloved
8. A microhistory Smoke Gets in Your Eyes: And Other Lessons from the Crematory
9. A book about a problem facing society today The Hate U Give
10. A book recommended by someone else taking the POPSUGAR Reading Challenge Water for Elephants

Ka Kete Ano


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Counting Blessings

Monday rolled out like any other day and went places we really didn’t expect.

Those that know us will be aware that my fabulous husband and I travel about 40mins everyday for work.  We usually do this together.  We roll out of bed at 5am.  I jump in the shower while he makes the coffee and clears dishwasher.  I get dressed and do makeup and hair while he has his breakfast.  I do minor chores like laundry while he loads the car and catches up on the news.  After 5 years of doing this we are a well oiled machine and usually on the road by 5.45ish each day.  I stabilise the coffee cups while he navigates the road.

This past monday was a little different in that we had separate vehicles as we came home vastly different times on Friday.  This is rather unusual for us and would probably occur less than 2% of the time. Normally we are together.

Thank heavens we weren’t.

Gorgeous husband left about 10 minutes before me as he had hoards to do at work and not having to wait for me meant an earlier start.

About 10 minutes into my journey my phone rang, highly unusual as it was bang on 6am, and I figured that my darling just had something to tell me that he had forgotten.

Conversation went something like this.

‘Toni speaking. How can I help?’ (You never know when a customer will be on the other line)

‘You can help me lots yea um yea’ (Standard opening to all our phone conversations but with a weird trail off at the end)

‘What’s up honey?’ (concerned voice due to weird trail off)

‘Where abouts are you?’ (now I’m starting to get concerned as that’s an odd question)

‘Tikatimu.  What’s the matter?’ (concerned voice cos he sounds odd)

‘Um I’ve had an accident.’ (he’s talking so can’t be super bad right)

‘Oh baby are you ok?’ (concerned levels are very high at this point)

‘Yea I am but the utes f#$k@d. I slid on some ice and I’m down a ditch. I’ve rung 111 and I’m just waiting on the police to arrive.’ (at this point I calm down because he’s talking, he’s making sense and he’s just waiting for the police so that tells me he’s not bleeding, all his limbs are intact and he’s probably perfectly fine.  I’m also thinking along the lines of a minor fender bender type thing)

‘Ok I’m about 10 minutes behind you so I will be there very soon.  I’ll see you when I get there.’

‘Yea you might not be able to see me as it’s a deep ditch so I don’t think you can see me from the road.’

‘You’ve rung the cops so I will just look for them’ (said with a smile 🙂 ) ‘Chances are very high that they will beat me to you’

‘Yea hopefully.  I’m just going to look for my wallet and go stand on the verge and wait for them’

‘Cool.  I’m nearly there so will see you soon.  Love you’ And I hung up.

30 seconds later I gave way to a lone cop car and thought ‘that’s them’ and nothing more.  I’m still thinking fender bender type thing.

Man was I wrong on that one.

When I go there traffic was backed up about 500m so I went inside lane with my hazards.  Some dick tried to cut me off thinking I was undertaking everyone but I got there pretty quick.

There were 4 police cars, 1 fire engine and an ambulance . . . and no sign of my husband or his vehicle.  They were also on the opposite side of the road from what they should have been.

As I got out of the car a cop came over and I explained that it was my husband off the road.  He looked at me and told me he was fine and stopped the traffic so I could cross all 3 lanes. Man it was icy.  We both slid across.

When I got to the other side I nearly shat. Ditch my great-aunt Fanny. He was standing on the back guard of the ute as it was nose first down a bank and they were helping him up . . . via rope . . . because he was 20 metres straight down!

The only reason I could see him was because he had the lights on so the emergency guys could find him.  The ute was covered in gorse so you really could barely see him!

A few hours later once the sun came up friends got some photo’s.  If you look real close you can kinda make out the utes rear end.

The tow truck guys got this one.  Its video so I screen shot it.


The only thing stopping further dropping is the tree and it was another 4m to the bottom.  Really lucky for that tree because he was about to start rolling.

He came out of this with just a bump on his head, some minor body aches and a bit of bruising from the seat belt.  Incredibly lucky.  Even the cops were surprised that he walked away from this.

The couldn’t retrieve it until 3am because the road needed to be closed and its a state highway.

This brings me to the blessings part.  For something that went so horribly wrong and amazing number of things went incredibly right.

  1. He was passing a truck when he hit the ice and spun across the road before tanking in down the hill.  There was no traffic coming towards him and so he hit no other vehicles
  2. He manage to miss a large tree at the top of the bank and instead went through the fence and down.  That tree would have hurt if he had got it because he was still doing 100kph at that time
  3. He slid down left side first so all damage was to the passenger side allowing him to be remarkable unscathed.
  4. I wasn’t there.  All the damage was to the passenger side including a large branch through the window.  I would not have walked away from this.  I would have been hit with the fire extinguisher when it came loose along with the shovel he was returning and the tree branch that came through the window. They were all on my seat when he came to rest.
  5. The tree that stopped the ute from going over and ending upside down in a creek.  If that had happened then he would have been in real trouble.
  6. People saw him go over the bank.  If they hadn’t no one would have found him and it turned out that he could not have climbed out on his own.  The ute was suspended well above ground still so he had to stand on the door and hoist himself up on to the back window then hoist himself again on to the rear fender and they sent him down a rope to climb up with.

And these are just the ones that I can think of right now.  He was so so so so very lucky.

Makes you wonder if there are such things as angels and if they were looking after my darling that day 🙂

Oh, if anyone finds a banana on the road along SH29 please let us know.  Apparently it flew out of his lunch box so is probably in a tree.

Ka Kete Ano xxx







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My cousins son is struggling right now and I have just written him a letter.  I think its somehting I want to share.

Hi honey

I’ve been talking to your mum and she tells me that you have been struggling a lot lately.  I know it sounds trite but sometimes life is a little like that.  We all have days/weeks where it feels like there’s no point but please don’t think that this is all there is. Every person, every being on this planet has worth.  You are young, you haven’t found your path yet but trust me, it’s out there and when you find it everything will change.

That doesn’t mean that there won’t be bad days. It just means that there will be way more good days than bad.

Let me tell you a little story.  Bear with me, it’s going to be a little wordy, and it’s going to be brutally honest, and it’s probably going to say some things that you won’t want to hear or won’t make sense.

21 years ago my brother took his own life.

The day he did that he broke something inside me and all the rest of my family that will never be repaired.

The family immediately fractured.  He had 2 daughters, one who I have never met.  The other came back into my life this year.  They never got to know him.  They barely even know what he looked like.  Their mother removed all traces of him from her world.  They refer to him as Peter.  He was never Peter.  He was Pete and he was dad.

Do I still cry for him?  You betcha I do.  Even after 21 years it just takes a song on the radio and I am back to that day.  I must look like a mad lady, driving down the road with tears streaming down my face.

Do I still go to ring him every time something happens?  No I don’t.  That finally stopped happening about 10 years ago.  Nowa days I just look up and ask out loud if he saw that.  You see, even after all this time I still want to share the stuff that makes up my world with him.  That has never gone away and it still hurts that I can’t.

You see XXXX that boy took a part of me with him that is never coming back.  When he ended his life he told me that my love for him wasn’t enough and since that day I have never trusted that it will ever be.  I no longer have a best friend, or even really friends.  I tend to keep to myself outside of work and my immediate family.  I consider a successful weekend to be one where I have managed to not leave the house.  Very few people know terribly much about me.  I smile a lot and I talk a lot and because of that people think I share a lot but most people have absolutely no idea what’s going on in my world at all.  I’m a bit of a magician like that haha

I have huge anxiety because I am always worried about letting everyone down.  Sometimes this leads to panic attacks.  I had to leave a wedding in a hurry just a couple of months ago because I freaked out.

There is loads more but those are pretty much the high lights.  Right now I am going to beg you not to do this to your family.  Not to do this to your sisters.  Don’t let them live with the pain and heartache that I have lived the majority of my life with.  It doesn’t go away for them, they don’t get over it.

Now we are going to turn this around and move away from the sad.

Life is good honey, and it’s a better world with you in it.  Sometimes we forget that people love us while we are hurting and I promise you, you are loved.

The teen’s are the worst of it.  Actually they suck great assmonkey’s.  I wouldn’t go back to that time of my life if you paid me.  Your body and you brain haven’t stopped developing yet and all the hormone crap is racing around in there not doing its job properly, or over doing it often, leading to big highs and lows and chemical freak outs.  That’s why certain drugs can help you feel better and sometimes, if it’s not the right one or combination, can make you feel worse.  If it wasn’t an internal thing then they wouldn’t work at all.  All this going on inside you can make you do, think and act in ways that aren’t you.  As I have always told my kids, this is not an excuse but a reality.  What you do with it from there is your responsibility and choice.

You are nearly through this part of your life.  Pretty soon all the internal stuff is going to start settling down.  Whatever triggers that have caused this crash are still going to be there, but they are going to find their place and become something that happened that shaped you into who you are, not the thing that defines you.  Nobody gets through life without bad shit happening, it’s what we do next that counts.

Sometimes we have trouble with the bit that comes next. It’s ok to get help, and don’t think you have to accept the first doctor/therapist that you go to.  They are like hair dressers and tattooists.  You have to find one that fits you. If you don’t like them or they annoy you then it’s not going to work.  Ask to try a different person.  This pretty much works for everything you do in life . . . except social welfare.  There you just have to deal with the asshat they assign you.

One day this will all be behind you and you will be stronger for it PLUS because of what you have been through you will have great empathy for others when they are struggling.  This is a good thing.  People without empathy are arseholes.

Sooooooo after many many words what I am trying to say is this.  I love you.  Your mum and your dad love you. Your sisters love you and so so so many other people love you.  Hang in there kid because it will get better.

In the little bag is a bracelet of the manly leather kind.  It’s a real one not some cheap piece of crap from a market or $2 shop.  It’s for you.  I want you to put it on and wear it so that every time you look down you know that I am right here if you need me.  I am only ever a phone call away.

I love you little fella

Aunty Toni xxx


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Easter Bought A Cyclone And An ‘F’ Word

Twas the night before Easter

And all through the bay

All the things were a stirring

As a cyclone hit our house

Yep that is correct.  Easter arrived along with Cyclone Cook. I have had my car for just a wee bit over a year and on Wednesday night I discovered that when you are aqua-planing down the road ALL the bells and whistles go off on your dash.  It was a minor over reaction by my car as I was on a straight road going in a straight line, but entertaining to say the least.

The rain was rather torrential and this was Cyclone Cook’s warm up.  There was already extensive flooding across the Waikato and I live in the bay and have to travel over the Kaimai Range twice everyday for work.  This can be a harrowing piece of road in a bit of rain let alone a cyclone.

So I took the following day off 🙂

Yes, I was a weather sook 🙂

It rained and rained and rained, so me and the kitties stayed inside and I stitched while they catted.

The following day was Good Friday so nothing was open and landslides had closed most of the roads so we stayed home.  I stitched, the kitties catted and my husband feffed about doing boy stuff.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and the annual Rotary book fair was on so I was there when it opened.  I hate crowds and hoped to bet them.  I did not. What is it about secondhand books that brings out the asshole in some people?  I got stood on, pushed, elbowed and run over by old ladies on mobility scooters, and that’s not including the time that someone grabbed a book out of my hand or the number of times people reached across to grab something on the other side of me.

Manners people, manners!

But I did score more for my book collection 😀


9 books and a total of $33 spent 🙂 Yes books are very expensive here so this is quite the bargain 🙂

Then after a wee trip to Nosh for dinner noms it was back home and some more stitching.

Sunday arrived with a visit for a bunny.  I had a lovely surprise for my daughter . . .


She snapchatted it with a caption of ‘F%$k you mum, F#@k you’ with crying laughing emoji’s to which I pointed out that wasn’t very polite.  She came back with ‘you are a horrible human being’.

It would probably be important to point out that she is being the gym chick at the moment and only eating chicken and salad but she has a terrible sweet tooth so I was kind of mean haha 🙂

As, once again, nothing was open we just mucked about the house and in the afternoon I stitched.

I managed an epic 3,690 stitches in 4 days


Yes that’s right, I have an F word!

Thank the lord I can finally move on to something with some actual colour that’s not brown!


The photo doesn’t really do it justice.  It has come out quite beautiful and I am hopeful that Tash will love it.

With the completion of the above fast approaching I got out the tray with Warm My Heart on it.  This confused Squeaky Cat no end as he likes to sit under the coffee table so I found this happening.


Easter Monday saw me pick up the knitting needles again and now bunny has 2 legs and is just awaiting 2 arms before completion.

The next couple of weeks is definitely going to be all about knitting I think.  I have about 20 knitted squares to catch up on for my patchwork blankie and they are really playing on my mind and, of course, I have a second bunny that needs a knitting.

I also have a stitching challenge of 1,500 stitches in the next 2 weeks so Warm My Heart will be coming out to play again as well.  And then there is also Bumblebee which will really need some love one day soon.

Good thing its winter because that’s the time to catch up on the WIP piles 🙂

Ka kete ano xxx

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Admitting Defeat Gracefully

Sometimes you just have to face the fact that you are not going to achieve what you had hoped.  I have to face that reality with Tash & Kids.  I’m just not going to get it finished in time for her birthday.

Last week I was starting to stress majorly about getting it done.  I was staying up till after 12 stitching on nights when I was able.  When you consider that I get up at 5 every morning to leave the house by 6 for work and not home again until after 6 at night this was making me rather tired and possibly a little cranky.

Then a friend died very unexpectedly.  Massive heart attack they are saying. I don’t know him or his wife super well but enough to say hi and the occasional dinner has been shared with mutual friends, a couple of Karaoke nights and many sangrias and red wines.  Enough to feel his loss.  He was in good shape, had no history of heart disease in his family and only 56.  He was scaling down and going into semi retirement with plans of surfing, fishing, riding and enjoying his family.  There was no sign that anything like this was even on the horizon let alone immanent. This seems grossly unfair.

Makes you pause and re-evaluate things a little.  You just don’t know what is around that next corner and every day really is a gift.  So I have decided that I am not going to stress.  I have way to much other good stuff coming up in the next few weeks that I want to enjoy.  A friends wedding this weekend as well as a spa day, parachuting next weekend and a large BBQ dinner, my grandmothers birthday the one after that, and then the Adele concert followed by a daughter coming home and we are taking her to the 21 Pilots concert the weekend after that.  I’m going to enjoy these things.

On March 26 I am going to pop around to my friends house and show her this gift and then bring it home again with me to finish, hopefully in time for mothers day in May 🙂

I am not going to stress about this any more but I am going to keep on stitching it 🙂  Due to the above there was not as much stitching as there possibly should have been but progress has been made.  710 was the entire stitch count for the week.

Friday night, with everything that was happening, I just couldn’t concentrate to stitch so I hauled my rug out.  Progress is moving along quite nicely with this 🙂  Its fabulous ‘no thinking required’ work so great for days when your thinker is broke.

I might have to start photographing these facing the same way haha

Well that was my crafty world for this week.  Now go hug your friends and family then go out enjoy the fact that life is a fabulous gift and even though there are times when you might just be ready to give up if you look around there are always little moments that sparkle and a reason to smile.









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Oops I did it again

So last weekend was a bit of a fizzer.  It rained rather heavily almost all day Saturday and Sunday was just about as miserable.  Had to cancel both the walk up the big hill in my back yard as well as the scheduled activity which has been postponed for 2 weeks so I will surprise you with that one later.

We got bored.

By 10am all the chores were done and because we had no other plans outside of the cancelled ones we needed a new plan.

As chance would have it there was a Tattoo expo on so we went.  My husband has just recently gotten a large shoulder piece done and is looking at a cover up for his other shoulder so wanted to start looking at his options.

By the end of the first row I kinda decided I wanted another tattoo.  Was thinking maybe a paw print behind my ear.  I have kinda been thinking for a while that I wanted some sort of cat tattoo and that seemed a nice simple option.

By the final row it had evolved and I wanted something with paw prints down my spine.

It was rather a new experience getting one at an expo.

As I had not been planning this I had on a very poor choice of clothing aka: a maxi dress.  Luckily I was wearing a sports bra.  I ended up having to take my arms out of the sleeves and holding it up in front as it was my front bits which were pointing towards the audience. They had run out of black ink so while we waited Tommy, my carefully selected tattoo guy, was making comments about getting the girls out and swinging motions.  He was rather fun and it was all light hearted.  While we were waiting both Tommy and I decided to make a break for the bathrooms. You really know that you are at a tattoo expo when you run through a stadium holding up the front of your dress so the girls don’t fall out and nobody bats an eyelid hahaha

So this is tattoo #7.  Tommy did a fantastic job and it really has beautiful lines.


I think I may have an addiction hahaha

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Another deadline approaches

I’ve done it again.  I have once again given myself the impossible task of finishing a cross stitch by a set date that I have absolutely not chance of achieving hahahaha ~goes and sits in the corner and thumps head against wall~

Why why why do I do this to myself?  As if my job, kids and all the other things I have going on aren’t stressful enough, why do I set myself up with further angst and sleepless nights?

Don’t panic, I am not expecting and answer to that one as I am fairly confident that there isn’t one and that I will obviously do this to myself again at some stage in the future lol 😀  Lets just put it down to my ability to thrive on a deadline and leave it at that.

So I have set myself the impossible task of completing Tash & Kids by mid March.  This means that I have to stitch 500 stitches a day from here on if I wish to have any chance of achieving this goal.  As this is a confetti rich pattern the chances are slim to none but I am going to give it everything and hope for the best.  Might even take a couple of days off work to try and help with this goal.

Last weeks progress was only 1110 stitches so that was not a great start but as I only figured out the 500 a day thing on Sunday I will let that slide.

This weeks goal is definitely a page finish and at least 3000 stitches by Sunday. We can but try 🙂

During the week I had a day where for some reason my eyes were not behaving properly and I couldn’t see to stitch properly.  I did a lot of driving that day so wonder if it was maybe a bit of sun strike or something off the road.  I didn’t want to sit and do nothing so I picked up the floor rug that I am doing 🙂 Made some good progress on her too 🙂

I am actually really enjoying this and might just get the fox kit that they have after Tash & Kids and this one are done and do it up for Kayla for Christmas.

See there I go again, adding craft stress too my life hahahaha ~back in the corner going dribbly~




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Weekly round up

This week was a busy one, but then I am beginning to wonder when don’t we have a busy one. This weekend seems to have gone in a flash and I pretty much got no time to myself and the next weekend looks to be the same.

This past week I visited a client and found an unusual fence adornment


I’m not 100% sure what this was about but it made me laugh so I took a photo 🙂

Our beautiful eldest went out so we got to play in the downstairs lounge for a bit 😀


And I stole some Gladdies from my brothers garden


In our quest for a stronger cardio system we once again tackled that big hill at the end of the road and this time took an old friend with us

That view really is stunning and well worth the hike 😀 As a bit of a treat I introduced Tina to Chia Lattes when we came down 🙂

Sunday was roast night and we had both my mum and my niece around for the meal 🙂 I impressed myself with my decorating skills and we had a pav


A bloody tasty one it was too.

Dinner didn’t go completely to plan.  Darling husband put beautiful eldest’s car through a compression test as its been running a bit rough and somehow managed to break it completely.  Beautiful eldest then did her best she demon impression and we all hid from her.  Ralph worked on that car for 3 hours with multiple phone calls to friends before admitting defeat.  Luckily my cousins husband is an auto electrician so he came to our rescue after dinner and fixed it, thank heavens.  I swear I was pretty close to drawing a devils trap and sticking she demon in it until we could get an exorcist around.  All is well now and the she demon is back under control.  We have promised babysitting services in the not too distant future to my cousin for late night Sunday rescue services.  The kids are gorgeous so I am sure it won’t be a major chore 😀