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Easter Bought A Cyclone And An ‘F’ Word

Twas the night before Easter

And all through the bay

All the things were a stirring

As a cyclone hit our house

Yep that is correct.  Easter arrived along with Cyclone Cook. I have had my car for just a wee bit over a year and on Wednesday night I discovered that when you are aqua-planing down the road ALL the bells and whistles go off on your dash.  It was a minor over reaction by my car as I was on a straight road going in a straight line, but entertaining to say the least.

The rain was rather torrential and this was Cyclone Cook’s warm up.  There was already extensive flooding across the Waikato and I live in the bay and have to travel over the Kaimai Range twice everyday for work.  This can be a harrowing piece of road in a bit of rain let alone a cyclone.

So I took the following day off 🙂

Yes, I was a weather sook 🙂

It rained and rained and rained, so me and the kitties stayed inside and I stitched while they catted.

The following day was Good Friday so nothing was open and landslides had closed most of the roads so we stayed home.  I stitched, the kitties catted and my husband feffed about doing boy stuff.

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and the annual Rotary book fair was on so I was there when it opened.  I hate crowds and hoped to bet them.  I did not. What is it about secondhand books that brings out the asshole in some people?  I got stood on, pushed, elbowed and run over by old ladies on mobility scooters, and that’s not including the time that someone grabbed a book out of my hand or the number of times people reached across to grab something on the other side of me.

Manners people, manners!

But I did score more for my book collection 😀


9 books and a total of $33 spent 🙂 Yes books are very expensive here so this is quite the bargain 🙂

Then after a wee trip to Nosh for dinner noms it was back home and some more stitching.

Sunday arrived with a visit for a bunny.  I had a lovely surprise for my daughter . . .


She snapchatted it with a caption of ‘F%$k you mum, F#@k you’ with crying laughing emoji’s to which I pointed out that wasn’t very polite.  She came back with ‘you are a horrible human being’.

It would probably be important to point out that she is being the gym chick at the moment and only eating chicken and salad but she has a terrible sweet tooth so I was kind of mean haha 🙂

As, once again, nothing was open we just mucked about the house and in the afternoon I stitched.

I managed an epic 3,690 stitches in 4 days


Yes that’s right, I have an F word!

Thank the lord I can finally move on to something with some actual colour that’s not brown!


The photo doesn’t really do it justice.  It has come out quite beautiful and I am hopeful that Tash will love it.

With the completion of the above fast approaching I got out the tray with Warm My Heart on it.  This confused Squeaky Cat no end as he likes to sit under the coffee table so I found this happening.


Easter Monday saw me pick up the knitting needles again and now bunny has 2 legs and is just awaiting 2 arms before completion.

The next couple of weeks is definitely going to be all about knitting I think.  I have about 20 knitted squares to catch up on for my patchwork blankie and they are really playing on my mind and, of course, I have a second bunny that needs a knitting.

I also have a stitching challenge of 1,500 stitches in the next 2 weeks so Warm My Heart will be coming out to play again as well.  And then there is also Bumblebee which will really need some love one day soon.

Good thing its winter because that’s the time to catch up on the WIP piles 🙂

Ka kete ano xxx


What The Hell Is Wrong With People

Yes this is going to be a ranty post

In the past week I have witnessed, or been privy to, a whole heap of what I consider absolutely unacceptable behaviour.

First up, during torrential rain and flooding across the country a news outlet reported a woman in a small car aqua-planed across a road before coming to rest drivers side down in a meter high water-filled ditch.  5 cars drove past, the last stopping momentarily to take photo’s before carrying on, before anyone actually came to help her as she tried to climb out of the passengers side window.  Luckily she was only shaken a bit bruised but is seriously lucky she didn’t drown, although her faith in human nature has been sorely tested.

In what kind of world is it ok not to stop and assist when someone has an accident!?! It doesn’t matter what the weather is doing! YOU STOP!

Then there was this:

One of the Facebook chat rooms that I belong to is for people who are stitching projects for a specific design company. Every so often the company owners run a challenge where you have to complete X amount of stitches using certain parameters be it a stitching style or perhaps a layout.  It’s just a fun way of trying out different stitching methods that you might not think to give a go.  As a bonus the company owners liaise with a designer and gift everyone that completes the challenge with a free reward chart that will never be released for general sale.  Nobody knows what this chart will be until its released and it really is just a virtual pat on the back for those that achieve.

One such challenge has just been completed and the chart was sent out on the weekend.

I have never been so disgusted with a group of people in my life.  So many ungrateful dickwads in one place! The amount of complaints that have been very pointed and rudely placed on the FB page amazes me.  Loads and loads of ‘I don’t like the chart’ ‘This chart is not my cup of tea’ ‘If I had known what the chart was I wouldn’t have bothered doing the challenge’.  These have only surpassed by the even ruder ‘I don’t like the chart so for future challenges you should just give us all a free chart from our wish list’ ‘I did the challenge and think this chart bites so give me a different one of my choosing’.

FFS! Do any of these idiots have any idea how disrespectful and disgusting they are being?!? It was a challenge not a competition! The fact that you got anything at all was just a bonus!

In all seriousness who do they think was going to pay for the 300+ free charts that they expect to have bestowed on them?

The artist certainly doesn’t deserve to be out-of-pocket and it’s already hard enough to make a living as an artist without doing that to them.

The charting company doesn’t deserve to be out-of-pocket either.  Every chart that is sold or gifted owes royalties to the artist and the mark-up on charts is not that huge so doling out 300+ lots of royalties with no return would more than likely bankrupt a small business.

The artist that designed the chart certainly didn’t deserve to see all the ‘I hate this chart’ posts.  I can well imagine this would have been rather soul-destroying to have your art, which would probably carry a part of your soul in it, be vilified publicly.  Sadly I actually thought it was rather beautiful, although the chances of me ever stitching it are rather remote, but then I already have a list of about 20 “must be done before I die”s and they take 2-5 years to complete so yeah.

When did we become such a society of ‘me first’ wankers? It makes me so sad that a bunch of people could not see past their own opinions and desires to look at not only the practicalities but the joy in what this company had tried to achieve. In an age when you almost never get anything for free, when we do we complain?  When did we become such a society that is always looking for a hand out instead of a hand up?

The company have now announced that all future challenges will not have any freebies attached and I seriously can’t blame them.

In a week that was rather hideous on a personal level as it came with the knowledge of  terminal diagnosis’ for 2 separate and completely unrelated children of friends I find that I am completely disgusted with human nature.

There is a whole lot more words inside my head right now that I am itching to say but I won’t.  I’m starting to reach the point where I will be rambling even more than the waffle above.  So I’m just going to leave it with this.

I will continue to ‘swipe right’ when I see conversations that I don’t agree (barring large injustices of course)

I will continue to help when I see help needed

I will continue to stop for accidents and assistance

I will continue to give to charities and worthy causes

I will continue to be grateful for all gifts and treats

I will continue to be grateful for what I have and what I can achieve

I will continue to be me

I have bought my kids up with this phrase ‘You have to give to recieve in this world’ I see this as the first step in making the world a kinder less selfish place.