This page is about me and what I do.  Its about my day to day life and the things that I learn, make and create.

I work very full time so my down time is precious to me.  I love movies, food and making my handmade home.  I enjoy most crafts and have created cushions and wall art for my home and to give away in the past as well as having covered two sets of dining chairs and the headboard of my bed.  I am very passionate about cross stitch and am, at this time, teaching myself to knit by making a blanket.

Cooking is also a passion and I love creating foods that would normally be bought for the home.  The satisfaction of knowing exactly what we are eating is fantastic, and usually tastes that much better 🙂

I have one natural born child and 3 others that I acquired when I met my husband.  We also have two cats and a rabbit.  You will hear about them all regularly.

Life is a journey and this is my way of recording it 🙂

Toni xxx


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