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Its the end of a lockdown baby

I fell off the blogging wagon.

No reason really, I just stopped.

I guess I probably felt like I was just talking to myself, which I probably am.

Its time to start doing it again I think.  It’s a great way for me to keep a record of what I’ve been up to.

So what have I been up to? Tons of stitching, a bit of charity work, a fair amount of actual work (with lockdown ending next week I had 12 quotes accepted yesterday afternoon and made my first appointment for re-opening morning) and a whole heap of staying home in my bubble.

What have I learnt in this time which has been 1 month & 5 days in NZ?

  1. I really am a hermit:  I’ve loved being at home and only being allowed out for essentials.  I could happily continue to live like this in my bubble.
  2. The less you do, then the less you do: By end week 2, early week 3, I realised that all my motivation had fallen out the window.  I was doing less and less and not caring too much.  As that could potentially become a problem I’ve reintroduced routine to my life.  I bought box hair dye and removed my Covid-19 styles and set myself a timetable for my day 🙂 Up between 7 & 8, breakfast then some sort of exercise (walking, downstairs gym, yoga . . . ) and chores.  Work until 11 or 12 at dining table. More chores like prepping dinner etc.  Watch government update at 1pm.  Free afternoon for anything I want 🙂
  3. I’m a hugger: I miss hugging people when I see them.  Standing 2 meters apart and waving sucks.  I’ve seen my boy a couple of times as he lives just a k down the road but I haven’t been allowed to hug him.  My girls all live in other area’s so we’ve been limited to text’s, messages and phone calls.
  4. Man we can drink: I’ve never gone through that much wine in my life!  Week 4 has been all about not drinking alcohol.  A friend of a friend said that the glass guys should have moved to a weekly pick up instead of fortnightly during lockdown and she’s not wrong.
  5. I don’t miss takeaways: I know a lot of people have been doing this part tough but I haven’t missed them.  Mind you, I’ve had the time to cook properly and its something I enjoy.  We’ve been doing the groceries once a week and getting enough for some great meals.  We’ve had risotto’s and pasta’s and chicken saltibocco and nacho’s and my version of KFC DoubleDowns and loads of other things.  Admittedly we had Hello Fresh for 3 nights each of the first 2 weeks but I found I was happier cooking what I wanted instead.  I even made gnocchi from scratch including the sauce.  I’m kind of concerned that when it all returns to normal next week then this will change back again because being gone 12 hours every working day doesn’t lead to a lot of energy for cooking when you get home.
  6. I’m going to read all the books and catch up on all the crafts: Nope. 3 books and 1 craft haha the time has gone really fast.
  7. And the most important, Life is precious: I’ve had my tanty panties on a few times over the past week or so as I’m tired of hearing about how much the economy is taking a hit, and how much businesses are suffering.  Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand where these people are coming from and what they are saying and it saddens me the number of businesses that will go under but isn’t life more precious than money? Wouldn’t you rather you came out of this with your family intact?  I can’t think of anything worse than still having our business but because we chose to ignore the realities of how bad this virus can be our family gatherings are smaller and quieter.  Yes I know people die every day and I know death is the only guarantee that you are born with, but if its preventable, isn’t it our moral and ethical responsibility to do everything in our power to prevent it?  If you saw a person being attacked on the street wouldn’t you at least try to save that person? How is this different from stopping a physical attack? With this virus you can be contagious for 2 weeks before showing signs.  In that time you contaminate god knows how many people if your wandering around willy nilly, hugging and touching stuff.  Do you really want to be Typhoid Mary?  Do you want to be the reason that someone dies?  That’s the reality.  In New Zealand we have very successfully squashed our curve.  Unfortunately the roll off from that is a bunch of douches wandering around saying that the lockdown was unnecessary and an over-reaction.  Over 100,000 people have died from this in 3 months world wide but because we only have 12 or 13 deaths then we over reacted? I personally believe that the reasons our numbers are so low is because we reacted correctly.  EVERY death is a loss.  Just because you didn’t know them personally doesn’t mean that their life didn’t matter.  New York is loading their dead into refrigerator trucks and burying them in mass graves on islands.  One nurse talked of wheeling a deceased patient our on to the street and going past 3 padlocked refrigeration trucks before finding one with room for his person.  An aged care facility in New York had over 20 which included 2 caregivers pass in a weekend.  They had to stack them in the hallways. We’ve been very lucky here and our government as supported us admirably.  Yes our profits will be down for this year and probably next year too.  Yes most of us will be living a simpler less expensive lifestyle for a while we rebuild our cashflows and economy.  Holidays might be at home this year.  Nights out might be the treat rather than just another Saturday.  I noticed on Tuesday that Domino’s are interviewing for 1000 staff to start next week.  That tells me that they laid off nearly everyone rather than supporting their staff during this time even though the government had a staff support package. They didn’t even try.  Never buying Domino’s again I can promise you.

Wow, sorry about 7.  I didn’t realise I had quite that much of a rant in me haha to quote Dr Seuss ‘A persons a person no matter how small’.

New Zealand, we have dodged a bullet.  Lets be grateful and start our rebuilt.  Christmas this year is going to have pretty much everyone there 🙂

As my rant got a little long winded I’ll do another update later on what I’ve actually been up too 🙂

Kia Kaha everyone xx