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Crafty Bitches March Update

As the end of March was Easter weekend we elected to push our gathering out a weekend so that we could all enjoy the break 🙂


As always our guest of honor was avaliable for cuddles and snuggles.

First up was Mel and her Pashmina as modeled by the lovely Ricki


As Ricki has been super busy with the final semester for her Masters she has not been crafting.  Due to this Jamie sent along one of his projects which is a pretty spectacular chopping board.


As Ricki isn’t a fan of it (WHAAATTTTT!!!) so Ana scored it to keep and I sulked.

I showed the latest update of my cross stitch


Super stoked with the way its looking 🙂

Amy didn’t bring her project as advancements had not been made due to being a mum 🙂

Unfortunately I can’t show Ana’s project as it was a very cool fairy light lamp that I videod and my wordpress doesn’t support that sorry 😦

The theme for the evening was Spain and wow did we do good on the food 😀

Ricki & Jamie provided a fabulous board for entree



Our mains



Mel made croquettes. Half were ham and half were chicken, all were delicious.  Ana made a lentil and rice dish that was yum.  I made garlic chicken and a pesto orzo salad 🙂


Desert was very good 😀 Amy made flan and we had rather a blast getting it out of the dish as none of us had ever made one before.  It came out in one peice and tasted fantastic.

That’s it for this month

Ka Kete Ano xx