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Getting Rugged Up

Sitting on the floor in front of the fire is the rug that I started at the beginning of the year.  Can anyone else believe that it is nearly June already! The rug is for in front of the fireplace to protect the carpet.

At least that’s what I tell people.  The rug is really just because I always wanted to make one so I am giving it a go 😉

Winter is fast approaching with jerseys being worn every day and nobody but surfies in thermal suits even considering the water as a play ground.  In saying that I went for a walk along the winters edge last weekend and it’s still surprisingly warm.  Not enough to convince me to go swimming but enough to paddle your feeties in.

I digress.

With winter rearing its chilly little head I can tell you that the heat pump is now on low level 24/7 and we are definitely only a weekend or 2 from our first fire.  As we have the heat pumps we only use the fire for the cosy factor on weekends. This means that I really ought to crack on with the rug and try to get it finished so the fat furry fellas have somewhere to sit in front of the fireplace 🙂

Start of week / End of week

I’m getting into the swing of things and its making good progress 🙂 Heading towards the halfway mark this week . . . hopefully.  Super swamped at work again this week so my evenings are tending to look more like napping on the couch than crafting the night away.

After the epic stitching marathons that occurred trying to get Tash & Kids finished I’m a little jaded with stitching right now.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t want to stitch, just that I want to play with other things for a little while.  I did get a couple of hundred stitches done over the week but nothing major.

Start of week / End of week

I had cousins everywhere over the weekend so this was the grand sum of my achievements.

I’m thinking the rug is probably going to be the priority for the next couple of weeks as the clutter from too many unfinished projects is driving me a little crackers.  I tidy things when I am working on projects but I don’t put them away.  I have found that if they are away they remain away so leaving them out works better.  However this does mean I have 1 knitting basket with Blanket #1 in it beside the TV, 1 knitting box with Blanket #2 in it under the secretary, 1 shopping basket with Diamond Painting kit in it on one side of the fireplace, neatly folded rug kit on other side of the fireplace and last but not least 1 x dinner tray with Warm My Heart cross stitch stuff under the coffee table..  Things are getting a mite crowded so I need to finish some stuff 🙂

Ka Kete Ano




Cross Stitcher, knitter, home cook, HVAC specialist, avid movie and TV watcher, reader and mum. I work full time and I'm not very good at sitting still so I love to try all sorts of crafting things from scrap-booking to ceramic work, but mostly I stitch. Heaven & Earth designs would be my favourite. I have had some major health scares in the past few years that I would not of expected to experience for at least another 20 odd years (born in 1971 so am currently only 45). Due to this I have a bucket list and its full of things right from books I must read to adventures I must achieve before I croak. I am always at the gym making myself stronger and healthier to fight my challenges and achieve my goals. Before the challenges I thought there would always be enough time and was just drifting along. You know how it is. Work, chores, kids, sleep, get up tomorrow and start again. I didn't really have any clear goals. I knew I wanted to travel but that was pretty much it. I was gaining weight steadily and didn't do anything much outside of the house and work. Since the challenges I have managed to get almost front row for both the Eagles and Elton John (expensive but you can't take it with you right), have had a day tour Kayaking around a lake and hiked the Tongariro Crossing. None of these would I even have considered 3 years ago. This is only the beginning :D Life is a gift and its what you make of it. You want it then you best be prepared to go get it :D

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