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At cat and his cone

Our poor Squeak had to have a couple of lumps removed and had to wear a cone for 10 days.  This lead to much hilarity and his new name of Conehead.  Don’t let anyone tell you cats don’t understand English because every time we called him Conehead or laughed he would swivel his cone and glare at us.

The first night home we had to feed him his dinner off a fork because he could not navigate how to get his head to the bowl.  By the following night he had this sussed and literally just coned down over his food and near sealed himself in.  It looked like one of those vacuum things off the cartoons hahahaha

Walking also presented its own troubles and because he couldn’t see his feet so he high stepped around the house the entire 10 days.  He looked like a pony doing dressage.  My husband disagreed and started calling him Virgil saying he walked like a Thunderbird.

The cone also had a mind of its own.  He got caught on the clothes airer twice and I had to rescue him.  He was the clumsiest cat ever for that time.  He bonked into pretty much every object available including us repeatedly.  Am pretty sure he spent his confinement swearing . . . a lot 😀 Oh and meows in cones do echo.

One surprising thing that did occur was this.  Our other cat Simon didn’t leave the house for 3 days and stayed at home to protect Squeak.  He litterally spent the first 2 days just following Squeak around, never more than a couple of feet away from him. The reason this was surprising is that they hate each other, with a passion! If one goes out the cat flap the other will then sit in front of it and not let him back in!  We could not believe how protective Simon was.  Totally blew us away.

As my boys are outside cats we had to show Squeak where the dirt box was.  I picked him up and put him in it so that he got the idea (didn’t work for the first day and am pretty sure he’s wrecked the rug ~sigh~). I was as gentle as possible but because of the stitches it hurt him a little 😦  Simon then spent the next 15 minutes following me around with his ears back yelling at me and swiping at my legs the little sod.  I definitely got the message that I was not in the good books.  Actually ended up having to put him outside so I could get ready for work and not bleed to death!

But never fear.  Now that the cone has been removed they are back to the hating.

Don’t call me Conehead
Attempted play
Attempted grooming
You did this to me so I am going to sleep sideways and take up all the bed
Mummy cuddles
A boy with a cone


Cross Stitcher, knitter, home cook, HVAC specialist, avid movie and TV watcher, reader and mum. I work full time and I'm not very good at sitting still so I love to try all sorts of crafting things from scrap-booking to ceramic work, but mostly I stitch. Heaven & Earth designs would be my favourite. I have had some major health scares in the past few years that I would not of expected to experience for at least another 20 odd years (born in 1971 so am currently only 45). Due to this I have a bucket list and its full of things right from books I must read to adventures I must achieve before I croak. I am always at the gym making myself stronger and healthier to fight my challenges and achieve my goals. Before the challenges I thought there would always be enough time and was just drifting along. You know how it is. Work, chores, kids, sleep, get up tomorrow and start again. I didn't really have any clear goals. I knew I wanted to travel but that was pretty much it. I was gaining weight steadily and didn't do anything much outside of the house and work. Since the challenges I have managed to get almost front row for both the Eagles and Elton John (expensive but you can't take it with you right), have had a day tour Kayaking around a lake and hiked the Tongariro Crossing. None of these would I even have considered 3 years ago. This is only the beginning :D Life is a gift and its what you make of it. You want it then you best be prepared to go get it :D

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