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Weekly movie update

It was a busy movie week here at crafty HQ.  Mostly because I needed to clear some stuff of the sky box lol

First up is:


This was okay.  Had enough happening to keep you watching and tried to promise a lot of scares but tended to meander through the story.  I think that the biggest problem was probably that Shannyn Sossamon is just too laid back for the role.  She doesn’t seem scared enough to help step up the scare factor for you. 2/5

Second up:


Love Love Loved this 🙂 Fabulous ‘geek trying to get the girl, then girl goes miss so he must go find the girl’ movie 🙂 The story line is marginal and very teenage but the acting and the script are fantastic and you just can’t stop watching.  Lots of good laughs to be found also. If you like The Fault In Our Stars then you will like this 🙂 4.5/5

Third up we have:


Can’t say I’m a fan of this one.  I think it was possibly the singing, dancing and nude singing and dancing with strategic vase placement that put me off.  Don’t really think that thriller/mystery/horrors should be musicals, unless its Sweeney Todd of course 😉 I didn’t enjoy it and found it weird and hard to watch.  Apparently I am in the minority as Rotten Tomatoes give it 7.5/10 where as I would go 2/5.  I usually like odd but this was too odd for me.

Then we get to:


Again I absolutely loved this! Its very Australian. Very Priscilla. Very Muriel. Even has a character that is into a bit of cross dressing.  This is the odd that I love 😀 All the characters are a little weird and Kate does a fabulous job of playing Tilly.  Gets a little lost at the end where it feels a little like they didn’t know quite how to get from the twist to the end but this doesn’t take away from how fun this movie is 🙂 4.5/5

Next up:


Whats not to love about the ghost with the most.  Sorry it was Sunday afternoon and I wanted something fun and comfortable to watch.  I will always love this movie 🙂 4/5

Finally we have:


Its not fabulous, but then I’m not a Nicolas Cage fan.  I think he’s a dick and that his acting is the same in everything and his voice annoys me, but then my voice would probably annoy him too 😉 That said it was an ok movie.  Think it might have been a cash in on Insidious with the ‘going to the other side to get my kid back from the bad thing’ type thing and it didn’t have a bad go but just didn’t deliver the boo for me 3/5



Cross Stitcher, knitter, home cook, HVAC specialist, avid movie and TV watcher, reader and mum. I work full time and I'm not very good at sitting still so I love to try all sorts of crafting things from scrap-booking to ceramic work, but mostly I stitch. Heaven & Earth designs would be my favourite. I have had some major health scares in the past few years that I would not of expected to experience for at least another 20 odd years (born in 1971 so am currently only 45). Due to this I have a bucket list and its full of things right from books I must read to adventures I must achieve before I croak. I am always at the gym making myself stronger and healthier to fight my challenges and achieve my goals. Before the challenges I thought there would always be enough time and was just drifting along. You know how it is. Work, chores, kids, sleep, get up tomorrow and start again. I didn't really have any clear goals. I knew I wanted to travel but that was pretty much it. I was gaining weight steadily and didn't do anything much outside of the house and work. Since the challenges I have managed to get almost front row for both the Eagles and Elton John (expensive but you can't take it with you right), have had a day tour Kayaking around a lake and hiked the Tongariro Crossing. None of these would I even have considered 3 years ago. This is only the beginning :D Life is a gift and its what you make of it. You want it then you best be prepared to go get it :D

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