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When The Flu Strikes

I was laid up last week with a rather nasty bug.  It even resulted in 3 days off work.  I never take days off work! The upside of this was that more could be achieved in the stitching and knitting world, or so I hoped.

Turns out, not so much really.  My stitching was remarkably slow compared to normal and I only achieved about half of what I normally would. However, I am a big believer that progress, no matter how small, is still progress.  I managed to achieve a semi goal of getting to the halfway point of my page for the current HAED challenge with only one frogging experience on a 10×10 square.  As it was only the second colour this was not a major 🙂


I just love how beautiful Warm My Heart is.  Such a joy to stitch.

When stitching got too much I went back to my knitting for a couple of squares.  I managed to the Stocking Stitch Stripe Square with out too much drama.  The colours are fabulous on this one.  The teal shows up as grey unfortunately in the photo, probably due to me using the pool table for the back ground.


Then we came to the hideous Chequerboard Square.  This one attempted to send me into a psychiatric ward.  I had to restart it 4 freaking times, one of those at around row 32, and that doesn’t include the ridiculous number of times I had to un-knit to fix a boo boo. I would discover that I had mixed up the knits and purls or that I had been doing 5 rows, or 3 rows, instead of 4.  One time I discovered a hulking great big hole way too many rows back! I will blame the sufferings of illness for my deplorable lack of concentration. But I persevered and at the end of the day ended with something that I can accept the look of 🙂  This one actually is grey not teal haha


So after swearing at the above knit rather a lot and completing said square it was time for some more stitching.  I went to pick up my happy stitch again but then had a remembery that I still need to make my gift for our mid-winter Christmas in 2 weeks so thought to myself hmmmmm what am I going to make.  I hauled out all my pretty fabrics and some old copies of things off the Net that I printed because they make me smile.  I love subversive stitches so thought I would make a wee cushion that would look dainty and grandma’ry until you read it.  Made my selection of a pretty blue fabric with sparkles in it and off we go.  I will finish this within the next few days and then get it all cushioned up this weekend coming 🙂


Now that I am feeling a little better I hope that this weeks projects go a wee bit smoother 🙂

Till next time xxx




Cross Stitcher, knitter, home cook, HVAC specialist, avid movie and TV watcher, reader and mum. I work full time and I'm not very good at sitting still so I love to try all sorts of crafting things from scrap-booking to ceramic work, but mostly I stitch. Heaven & Earth designs would be my favourite. I have had some major health scares in the past few years that I would not of expected to experience for at least another 20 odd years (born in 1971 so am currently only 45). Due to this I have a bucket list and its full of things right from books I must read to adventures I must achieve before I croak. I am always at the gym making myself stronger and healthier to fight my challenges and achieve my goals. Before the challenges I thought there would always be enough time and was just drifting along. You know how it is. Work, chores, kids, sleep, get up tomorrow and start again. I didn't really have any clear goals. I knew I wanted to travel but that was pretty much it. I was gaining weight steadily and didn't do anything much outside of the house and work. Since the challenges I have managed to get almost front row for both the Eagles and Elton John (expensive but you can't take it with you right), have had a day tour Kayaking around a lake and hiked the Tongariro Crossing. None of these would I even have considered 3 years ago. This is only the beginning :D Life is a gift and its what you make of it. You want it then you best be prepared to go get it :D

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