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The making of some wall art

So this year, for the first time ever, I made some New Year’s resolutions.  One of them was this:

*Art. I have things scratching in my head that are screaming to come out. They are probably only important to me and will probably require a sacrificial burning but it’s time they had life. I am adult enough to realise my artist talent is only rivalled by blind Pygmy infants from the Congo

So I have started 🙂 Saw a fabulous piece of art on a wall in a pub during a ride a couple of days after New Year’s with my husband and that got me thinking . . .

And thinking . . .

And thinking . . .

My drawing skills are pretty shit so I went on line and found an outline of what I was after and downloaded it to a stick.

Still thinking . . .

Went to The Warehouse on a rainy Sunday morning and found the perfect frame at a really cheap price.  Thought to myself “this is going to work! . . . I think” and then found some glue of the type that you spray on and can still peel the object back off it afterwards.

Step 1 accomplished I figured in for a penny etc. and shot straight round the corner to Warehouse Stationary and got the drawing printed out on A2 and grabbed a bit or A2 card as well then it was off to Spotlight.

I had in my head that I wanted a blue/green paisley styled piece of fabric for what I wanted to achieve but could not find anything even close to what was in my head BUT I did find a couple of pieces of fabulous fabric that I could work with.  Not being able to make up my mind I bought all three.  I also knew I needed a blade of some description and selected a rotary cutter while I was there.

That afternoon I settled with great excitement, sprayed the back of the outline, attached that bit to the card and made my first cut.  After working steadily for about an hour I came to the sad conclusion that this was not working out.  Not only did I decide I didn’t like the drawing after all but the rotary cutter was not going through the card properly and leaving the card with furry edges which was not ideal.

So I did the Mexican hat dance on it and sulked for the rest of the night.

The next day I went back online and found another drawing that I liked better.  Back to Warehouse Stationary for another print out and purchased a scalpel shaped craft blade and another bit of card.

Home that night I was going great guns.  Had the head mostly cut out and everything was looking great when the blade snapped and that little sucker did not come with spares.

Back to sulking I went.


I also thought I would take the overnight hiatus to see which fabric would work best


So back to Warehouse Stationary again and purchase another set of blades.  This packet had 5 so fingers crossed this was all going to work out fine.

Home that night and back into cutting and slicing I went.  It was all very therapeutic I must admit although I may have gotten between hubby and the TV a couple of times when I had to get up and swing round the coffee table bent over to keep an even flow on a particularly long curvy bit or two.

Finally the cutty part was done and I peeled of the outline paper. Sprayed the back of the card with the glue and laid the fabic over top smoothing out any bubbles or such. Flipped her over and attached a couple of inserts with PVA to the front and chucked it all into the frame.


I have to say I have impressed myself with this hahaha I really like it and am really pleased with how it turned out.  So much so that I just need to find 2 perfect frames as I have 2 more designs I want to do this to 🙂

Getting my kiwiana on xxx