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Hi All

Sorry it has been a bit longer than I would like between postings.  I had surgery on my knee last week and mobility has been a bit of an issue. Healing fine now and enjoying my time out as it is such a wonderful time to catch up on my projects.

But more on them tomorrow 🙂

Today I want to show you my Halloween house.

I live in New Zealand and we don’t really celebrate Halloween.  For starters its the wrong time of year for us.  We are going into summer and Halloween, or  Samhain if you prefer, is about celebrating the end of summer so spring is the opposite of this.  Also we have just turned our daylight saving on so it doesn’t get dark till 9pm which is awfully late for little ones to be out trick or treating so our kids tend to do this in broad daylight.  This tends to take the spooky out of the day.

I have always envied the Americans and their Halloween celebrations.  It looks like such fun! And as a horror movie addict I have always wanted to flash my house up. As Halloween fell on a Saturday this year we, my husband and I, decided to have a few drinks with our neighbors and decorate just a little 😉

As we don’t really celebrate it decorations are a little hard to come by so I took to Pinterest  and created a board.  We built an awesome Grimm Reaper.  The little fella was about 6’5″ and, as I am not, rather hard to spray-paint his head 🙂 but I had a huge amount of fun making him and I was really happy with how he looked.  He was built the weekend before so he would dry in time.  Not bad for a broom, umbrella stand, couple of sheets and about 25 miles of duct tape.


It left my hands a bit of a mess


From there we decided to build a dancing ghost circle.


We were going to light the fire but it was super windy and we didn’t want to end up with the house being burnt down so just settled for the illusion.

I laminated a sign and included Bayley the Bouncy Bunny in our decorations


She seemed to appreciate the sentiment.

On the day we decorated the table

IMG_3814 IMG_3814 IMG_3816 IMG_3817

And then there was us 😀

IMG_3826 IMG_3822

After all that we had a fantastic night and served exactly 0 trick or treater’s.  We have a sneaking suspicion that they got frightened off by the Sangria drinking Zombies on the deck as people down the road were getting visit’s 😉

Still a fantastic night was had by all.

Till next time xxx



Cross Stitcher, knitter, home cook, HVAC specialist, avid movie and TV watcher, reader and mum. I work full time and I'm not very good at sitting still so I love to try all sorts of crafting things from scrap-booking to ceramic work, but mostly I stitch. Heaven & Earth designs would be my favourite. I have had some major health scares in the past few years that I would not of expected to experience for at least another 20 odd years (born in 1971 so am currently only 45). Due to this I have a bucket list and its full of things right from books I must read to adventures I must achieve before I croak. I am always at the gym making myself stronger and healthier to fight my challenges and achieve my goals. Before the challenges I thought there would always be enough time and was just drifting along. You know how it is. Work, chores, kids, sleep, get up tomorrow and start again. I didn't really have any clear goals. I knew I wanted to travel but that was pretty much it. I was gaining weight steadily and didn't do anything much outside of the house and work. Since the challenges I have managed to get almost front row for both the Eagles and Elton John (expensive but you can't take it with you right), have had a day tour Kayaking around a lake and hiked the Tongariro Crossing. None of these would I even have considered 3 years ago. This is only the beginning :D Life is a gift and its what you make of it. You want it then you best be prepared to go get it :D

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